Hover 2 Airselfie Drone
Hover 2 Airselfie Drone
Hover 2 Airselfie Drone

Hover 2 Airselfie Drone

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The Hover  2
You no longer have to Imagine having your own photographer or videographer filming and photographing YOUR special moments!

The Hover 2 is your own personal videographer at your beck and call. 

It creates fantastic selfie and group selfie photos, regular photos and amazing videos of your friends, family and you.

Build your collection with a photographer/videographer who responds to your every whim.

Not convinced? 

Check out the images and video below then BUY your Hover 2 today. 

• Auto Follows & Truly Autonomous Flight
• Portable
• Orbit & 360 Spin
• Safe & Lightweight

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